Organizing your digital assets

Organizing your digital assets

Feb 7, 2022 | Demystifying Marketing

Andy Barron, head of digital strategy at Madison Media Partners, shares a framework that will assist in organizing and optimizing your digital assets. Want to speak to Andy about how we can help your business? Email

About Demystifying Marketing: In this video series, we aim to give you quick bites of marketing wisdom, straight from the team who provides marketing solutions to businesses across Wisconsin.

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Employee Spotlight: Scott Maenner

Employee Spotlight: Scott Maenner

“Madison motivates me. In Madison, you have to be straightforward. It challenges you to be better and smarter, and to know your stuff. There are sales markets where I can make sales calls and be completely unprepared and be fine. But in this marketplace, you’re going to get questions about content, about reach, about frequency, because they challenge you to not just be good –– to be great.”

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