Employee Spotlight: Tyler Fritz

Employee Spotlight: Tyler Fritz

Feb 3, 2022 | Employee Spotlight

Tyler Fritz, Madison Media Partners account executive, is originally from Oregon, Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a degree in communications and shortly after moved to Madison, where he’s resided ever since. He’s been a part of Madison Media Partners for eight years, with a role in sales for the last four. He played three sports in high school, with a focus on basketball (he says his 6’3″ height helped), and played rugby in college. Tyler enjoys outdoor activities, traveling to national parks and other wild places, and being a tourist in his own city by attending as many local events as he can. When he’s not connecting with local businesses at work, he enjoys sports, fishing, reading and logic puzzles.

Beck Henreckson, Madison Media Partners digital marketing content producer, asked Tyler some questions so you can better get to know him and his role on our team. You can connect with Tyler on LinkedIn and follow him on Instagram.


What was the first job you ever held?

I was a landscaper and a tee-ball coach.

Describe your role at Madison Media Partners.

I’m a multimedia sales professional. I work with all kinds of local businesses, with an emphasis on small to medium-sized local businesses.

What is unique about what Madison Media Partners can offer clients?

Madison is a very unique place, and businesses need to work with people who are active in our community and who understand the city to help them reach new customers. At Madison Media Partners, we offer all the things you’d get with a large agency, but you’re dealing and interacting with your neighbors.

Share an experience you had working with a client that you’ll never forget.

I work with Kanopy Dance Company, which is a dance company that performs at the Overture Center. I’ve got a very close relationship with them and go to most of their shows. Two years ago, at a show sponsored by the Cap Times, I was able to go on stage to welcome the audience to the show, which was pretty cool! There’s a light shining straight in your face, making it pretty hard to see the audience, but based on the applause I think I did alright.

What’s a piece of marketing wisdom that’s been shared with you recently from a colleague, peer or client?

John Dagitz [creative designer at Madison Media Partners] always says that if you get too wordy when designing an ad, ask yourself, ‘Would I personally read this ad, or would I skip on to something else?’ And that’s how you should think when you’re designing ads. Be concise, creative and intentional.

Where is your favorite spot to get coffee/drink/meal in Madison?

My favorite spot is probably the Laurel Tavern. I can walk there from my apartment, and it has everything: a pool table, dart board, pull tabs and tasty bar food. A couple of the bartenders even know me by name, and it feels like I’ve known them for years. It’s that small-town vibe in the middle of Madison.

What is one of Madison’s hidden gems?

The I/O Arcade Bar is a great place to get a drink; they have pinball machines and classic arcade games, and it makes me feel like a kid again in there. The owner, Mitch, is a really cool guy. Also, The Village Green in Middleton has some of the best cheeseburgers you’ll ever have.

What’s your favorite thing about Madison?

I’m a pretty impulsive guy, and I get in moods where I just want to get out of the house – and Madison has something for everyone. You can see live music basically any night of the week; you can see the performing arts at the Overture Center; or you can go to Lake Monona or Lake Mendota if you feel like doing something outdoorsy. There are so many places to hike, eat and drink – just a variety of fun options for anyone.

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