Employee Spotlight: Carrie Planert

Employee Spotlight: Carrie Planert

Mar 18, 2022 | Employee Spotlight

Carrie Planert, Madison Media Partners account executive, is originally from Madison, Wisconsin. She attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities where she studied journalism and communications. After meeting her husband, Carrie moved back to the area where she has resided for 17 years. She loves traveling, trying new things and spending time outside; in particular, she gravitates towards anything on or near water. Carrie lives in Cottage Grove with her husband and her two sons, ages 6 and 10, who she says keep her busy and are her exploration partners.

Beck Henreckson, Madison Media Partners digital marketing content producer, asked Carrie some questions so you can better get to know her and her role on our team. You can connect with Carrie on LinkedIn.

What do you do for fun with your family?

I always say, ‘I’m the best tourist in my own town.’ We’re big sports fans, whether it’s Wisconsin Badger football, basketball or hockey, or the Milwaukee Brewers. It was nice to get back into live sporting events in the past year, especially getting to go to American Family Field and Wrigley. That was a really big part of my family life growing up. Our family vacations were arranged around going to cities with Major League Baseball fields and visiting as many as we could, so I like to attend lots of games with my family now.

What was the first job you ever held?

My first real job was at The Big K — K-Mart — on East Washington in Madison, where Hy-Vee is now. I worked in customer service as a cashier.

What is your history with Madison Media Partners – how long have you worked here and what roles have you held in the past?

This was my first real job coming out of college, and I’ve been here for about 16 years. I’ve gone through a variety of positions in sales, starting as a sales assistant and also working as a team leader, and I’m back to holding a regular account list now. The company has evolved so much while I’ve been here, and that’s what I really like about it — that it has changed and I’ve had the opportunity to work with every type of business. We’re definitely moving with the times, but even as we’re changing some things — the important things — hold fast.

Can you describe the mission and goals of Madison Media Partners?

At Madison Media Partners, we help businesses achieve their goals by reaching current and new customers through the wide array of products we offer. We work with each business to create a strategy that is right for them. This includes an effective implementation plan and the ability to provide reporting throughout the campaign.

We have the opportunity and ability to tell our clients’ stories because of our history in the market, the success we’ve had, and how we’ve been able to evolve to implement the tactics that are currently working best. We also try to customize our strategies to be strategic for each individual customer, instead of keeping things cookie cutter. We really have the package deal, with the capabilities of helping our clients in every step of their journey.

Share a memorable or meaningful experience you’ve had working with a client.

It says a lot when you create friendships along the way – when you get invited to baby showers, you’re in weddings, you do cookie exchanges. That’s more meaningful than anything because it takes it a step further than just a client relationship.

What’s a piece of marketing wisdom that’s been shared with you?

Don’t be the squirrel caught in the middle of the road second-guessing yourself. The outcome of that situation is guaranteed. Once you make the decision to do something, just go for it. This has been extremely helpful advice with situations from cold calling to proposing large campaigns.

What are your favorite spots in Madison?

I do like Olbrich Botanical Gardens and the East Side Club Tiki Bar on Lake Monona. As far as food, my go-tos are definitely Ha Long Bay and Alchemy. I’m an east-sider, especially when it comes to food. But to be honest, in my free time I prefer hanging out in someone’s backyard at a cookout.

Share your favorite thing about Madison: Why do you love to call this city home?

I’d say my favorite thing about Madison is summer. I talk about it like it’s an event because it doesn’t last forever, but there’s so much going on. No matter who you are there’s something for you. Badger Saturdays are pretty rockstar, and it’s so fun walking up and down State Street. There are just good vibes there.

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